Summertime with the Fujifilm X100F

We’re pretty fortunate living where we do as we have plenty of woodland areas nearby offering some real nice scenery. Getting out and about nice and early means there are very few people ever around other than the odd dog walker or cyclist traversing the paths that lead around these beautiful green spaces.

Having recently acquired a Fujifilm X100F together with a NiSi compact filter kit especially designed to work with it, I was interested to try it all out in the local woodland. It’s liberating walking around with a camera as small as the X100F, the NiSi filter kit (more on that another day and a small travel tripod.

There is certainly plenty of green to see in these areas and I am finding new small wood areas to visit almost daily at the present time which is great news for me and my X100F.

Here’s a few photos from the hour wandering!


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