All Good in the Wood

I’m a newbie landscape and outdoor photographer.

I have no real past experience of shooting landscapes and it’s something I’ve come to quite late in my photography life. The best part of wanting to shoot more ‘outdoor’ photography is that where I live we have plenty of woodland around us and it’s the perfect way to get out and about – and to lose yourself for an hour or two.

It’s also great to get out and experiment with different bits of gear I’ve never used much before – landscape and outdoor photographers use a multitude of different bits of gear to help them get the photograph – from tripods to filters, they’re different photography accessories I have little experience with and being able to wander into one of our local woodland areas and try them out is great!

Here’s a few photographs from an hour out with my Fujiflm X-H1 and 16-55mm f2.8 lens I acquired earlier this year.


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