Setting up for travelling light.

I’ve been using the Fujifilm X100v for a while now and to be honest it’s great. I’ve had plenty of X100 models over the years and they seem to come and go quite easily, for some reason. There always seems to be a ‘bit yeah’ thing that makes me seek other cameras. The V appears … Continue reading Setting up for travelling light.


Autumn Wandering

A recent selection of wandering through the beginnings of Autumn. It's always a favourite time of year to be out with a camera. The change from Summer to Autumn is invariably a gentle one with the colours of the trees and woodland changing around us. Definitely my favourite season to be out with the camera.

Boxing Day

A quick Boxing Day wander to blow the cobwebs away! Conditions in the UK over the past couple of days have been wonderful (as far as us woodland photographers go), with plenty of low cloud and mist around. It's lovely to get out in such conditions and stay away from the madding crowds as well!

Two Years in.

Celebrating two years of Leica M10-P ownership today. It’s been a pleasure to use, not always practical and for sure doesn’t suit all sorts of photography - but the results never fail to impress and it’s always such fun to shoot with.