Vacation on Film

We’ve recently been on a desert island holiday

We’ve recently been on a desert island holiday to the Maldives, which is an amazing place. To be honest, it’s totally a photogenic wonderland with wall to wall sun and colour – but in truth the island we were on was so small, there wasn’t that much of real interest to take photographs of.

We did venture off the island for a trip to a local island which is populated by local Maldevians. I thought it would be a great opportunity to shoot a roll of film, documenting the local people and how they live, but what actually happened was the guide from our resort walked us round at quite a pace and a lot of photographs I could have taken I just didn’t have the time to take!

What the time away did do was to cement a couple of thoughts I’d had in mind for a while. The first being I really enjoy shooting film and am going to concentrate on it for this year. The second being is that each time I go away I end up carrying far too much gear with me, so I will be looking to pare down my ‘travel’ kit to a minimum and stress less about how much I have with me!

Anyway, here’s a few photographs taken over the 10 days from our paradise island holiday.

Leica M6 | Summicron 40mm f2 | Kodak Portra 160 & Portra 400


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