Setting up for travelling light.

I’ve been using the Fujifilm X100v for a while now and to be honest it’s great.

I’ve had plenty of X100 models over the years and they seem to come and go quite easily, for some reason.

There always seems to be a ‘bit yeah’ thing that makes me seek other cameras. The V appears to answer almost all of the ‘but yeah’ thinking. It’s strikingly handsome, a joy to use and for what I mostly shoot the image quality is good enough so long as I don’t look too hard.

In spite of loving the 35mm focal length, I do like something a little longer at times and with this in mind have just picked up a TCL-X100 tele-converter that offer 50mm focal length.

I’ve ummed and arred about one for quite a while but in the end found a mark 1 version to a very sensible price.

First off, the magnet mod was applied so when it’s screwed to the camera it automatically picks up the tele-converter length and the camera does it’s thing with applying what it needs to.

I have owned one in the past so kind of knew what I was getting with it. I’ve read quite a number of reviews which are pretty mixed really.

Obviously it does make the V quite a bit bigger and heavier but I don’t find it to be too onerous. The image quality is pretty much the same – I honestly can’t see much difference whether it’s attached or not and the 67mm filter thread means I can easily attach my K&F Concept filter kit to it easily.

It does make for a relatively lightweight package with two of my favoured focal lengths for travelling or simple wandering, albeit I think for the most part the TCL-X100 will stay on.

My next port of call would be to pick up the wide conversion lens (WCL-X100) which changes the focal length to 28mm. I’m less convinced of this, albeit it seems more favoured than the TCL, but as I prefer 35mm as a starting point but I’M not sure I’d get that much use from it – but for the size & flexibility it offers it’s tempting.


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