Chasing Light in the Woods

Last weekend I attended a woodland workshop run by Marc Robbins & Demi Ray Oral, two photographers right on top of their game at present and each with a portfolio to die for with regards to woodland & landscape photography.

As a first ever paid workshop I’ve been on, I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect but in truth from the initial booking and instructions I received in the week before the workshop to rocking up first thing in the morning in the dark, to leaving in the dark it was a workshop to remember.

Both guys split six of us who had booked into two groups of three which meant lots of interaction and instruction throughout the day. We swapped tutors just after lunch which gave all of us the opportunity to work with both guys – who had a very different way of talking with us, which I thought was ideal. Six seemed an ideal number with three to each tutor, we got plenty of time to chat about all sorts (not just gear or technical) and it was apparent both of them really wanted us to enjoy the day and take away lots from it.

The day was a pretty wet, miserable affair (in fairness perfect conditions for woodland) and we spent most of the day chasing the mist and fog that blew through the Gorge for almost all of the day. Padley Gorge is legendary for woodland and landscape photographers. Being in the heart of the Peak District there really is something for everyone and as a first time visitor I can tell you for sure it won’t be the last!

Gear wise, there was only one choice for me – the Nikon Z7ii and trusty 24-70mm f4s. Perfect for woodland and landscape work & the ideal combination for the inclement weather. The camera didn’t miss a beat all day and withstood the weather without a single issue or concern from me – probably better than I did in truth!

The day itself flew by, in spite of the early start and late finish I came away with a whole bunch of ideas I aim to work on to make my own modest woodland photography better. I am also considering that in the early new year I will book another workshop – maybe a one to one with either or even both of the guys to really get more understanding, the day kind of cemented my feeling that woodland is the genre of photography I really enjoy above almost all other types of photography I shoot.

If you are looking for a woodland/landscape photography workshop or a 1-1 day I can without hesitation recommend these guys who will definitely improve your photography skills.

Here’s a few photos from the day –


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