Thoughts on the K&F Magnetic Filter System

I‘ve been using a square filter kit made by NISI for a while now and although I’ve been very pleased with the performance of them it’s not the lightest or smallest package to carry around. Searching around on the internet I found the K&F Magnetic Filter System at a reasonable cost so I ordered one to see how a magnetic kit would work out for me.

K & F Concept are a Chinese manufacturer of photo accessories all of which appear to be of good quality. The K&F Magnetic Filter System kit consists of a CPL, 10 stop filter, a magnetic UV filter & magnetic ring that screws onto the front of your lens.

All of this comes in a small useful filter pouch for storing and protecting the filters. I also picked up a 6 stop ND filter which is probably of more use to me than the 10 stop.

All of the filters and accessories appear to be of very good quality and upon opening I was surprised and reassured of their quality. The strength of the magnetic fix feels good and strong so filters are not easily displaced once fitted.

Sadly the same cannot be said of the lens cap. On my second outing I managed to lose this, although the filter stayed on.

The CPL which is my most used item works well and doesn’t appear to show any strong colour cast which I was concerned about. The NiSi landscape CPL is excellent quality and the K&F appears to be almost on a par. If I were being critical in comparison, I’d say the NiSi CPL is a little more effective.

Both the 6 & 10 stop filters work effectively, again with no cast and I’m currently considering picking up a 3 stop filter to add to the mix as I think that would get more use than the 6 or 10 stop do.

Overall I’m very happy with the K&F magnetic filter kit – my only gripe would be that on my Nikon 14-30mm Z mount lens there is some vignetting at 14mm, I was hoping the 82mm size would not vignette but unfortunately they do.

The portability is excellent and it fits easily into a bag without taking up too much room or the pouch can be either clipped to a tripod or fixed on your trouser belt thanks to an inbuilt loop on the pouch.

I’d love a magnetic filter kit from NiSi, I’d certainly have no hesitation in buying one if they bought one out at a sensible cost, but at present I’m happy to carry and use the K&F kit.


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