Am I a serious photographer?

I’m away on vacation for a few days and sitting here with just the Fujifilm X100V for company.

I made the determined effort to just bring the little Fuji for a number of reasons amongst them being I haven’t really spent that much time shooting with it.

It did get me thinking again whether for the majority of what I shoot am I a serious photographer and if I really need all the gear I have.

In my head I feel like I’m a serious photographer but the real dilemma is I don’t believe I am. I don’t make plans to go out and shoot at the best times of the day, I don’t plan days out and explore places to go.

I simply use my camera almost all of the time I’m out – not necessarily concentrating on ‘my thing’, more like shooting what’s in front of me.

But the strange thing is, I do have a thing.

There are certain photographs I take I do think are ‘my thing’.

I like open spaces & big skies and am definitely drawn towards this sort of photography, particularly in black and white.

I guess once again I’m trying to justify what gear I have and why I feel the need to have several different systems for what I shoot.

Coming full circle, I’m enjoying shooting with the X100v there are plenty of plus points about it, however there are things that drive me nuts about it as well – some of them my own doing and some the camera operation…but that’s for a different post on another day though.

It has made me think more, but I’m not ready to commit to a long term relationship with the X100v just yet.

Indeed the more time I spend with it makes me think my only logical choice going forward for my less than serious photography is to think more minimal and shoot only what is my thing.


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