All in on Leica?

A little while ago I wrote a blog post about the compromises I make shooting with the Leica M10-P. At the time I have to say I was struggling to justify quite a bit about it for my needs. 

The quality of the images I could make with it were never in doubt, but it felt I was always trying in my own mind to justify the cost of ownership, justify and work with the compromises of using it for what I shoot and thinking perhaps the time was right to move it on and embrace the Nikon Z6 I’ve owned for a little while now.

There are compelling reasons to use the Nikon Z6 for the kind of photography I do. However for me, it’s not all sweetness and light with the Z, there are foibles I’ve found in use with perhaps the most damning of all being it has all the personality of a domestic appliance, I find it a really boring, soulless camera to use!

I’m left feeling at the moment that if I am going to compromise, I would far sooner compromise with a camera and system that makes me want to go out and shoot. I can live with a compromise like that if at the end of the day what I’m using inspires me…. something the Nikon doesn’t do well.

Always What I’m Reaching For!

Since my original blog post about the M10-P, I’ve made a determined effort to use the Leica more and more for my woodland photography and you know what, I have come to appreciate the limitations and nature of the M series cameras more so now than ever before.

In fact so much so, I’m actually considering moving the Nikon kit on to pastures new and re-investing the funds in more glass for the Leica. I’m starting to think with a 24/28, 35, 50 and 90mm lens choice for the M10-P I’d be set far for a good few years ahead.


2 thoughts on “All in on Leica?

  1. Yes I can follow your thinking about gear. On the end it is all about the experience. When you do not have work in photography where the costumers have a voice on the endresult (the photograph) so you can do as you like. Then it is only your feeling and creativity that define the need for gear. If you like Leica use it. I like fujifilm :))

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