Compromise – At what cost?

After a little over two years of owning my Leica M10-P, the thought process is do I need (well I want) to move it on.

It’s a beautiful camera, I enjoy using it and the images it produces are wonderful, but for the 90% of what I shoot (or want to shoot), it’s a compromise.

Shooting it alongside the Nikon Z6, the feature set of the Leica M10-P falls short for my use. The Z6 offers a set of features I’m really quite impressed with. Again, it’s not perfect, there are certain features I would like that for some reason it doesn’t have.

But for most of my work out in the woods the Z6 works almost flawlessly and is a much easier camera to use and set up. It’s also a camera I ‘don’t have to be careful with’, I can shoot it in the rain without concern, I can precariously balance it on a tripod without worrying about it and I can throw it in a bag in almost any situation.

The Leica M10-P is a different beast and in truth I’m trying to use it for something it’s not ideal for.

But and it’s a big but, I can almost feel the pangs of regret at the thought of selling it, let alone actually seeing it leave my ownership.

It’s one of those cameras I’ve never have the money to buy again and it’s a camera I’ve loved using over the past couple of years, but at the present time it doesn’t fit the remit of what I want to shoot or how I want to use it.

At present, for all my woodland work (and quite a bit of casual shooting) the Leica sits on the shelf.

The question is, do I really want to twist or should I stick and keep it! Plenty to keep my mind occupied over the coming weeks!


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