The Return of the Ricoh

Last year I had a short dalliance with a Ricoh GR2. At the time I really liked it as a camera, but had an itch for a Fuji X100F instead and so sold it on to help finance the purchase of an X100F.

Having decided I really love to shoot film more than anything else, I wanted a small pocketable camera I could carry easily when I was out and about with the Leica M6 I own.

As nice as the X100F is, it’s not truly pocketable and so the hunt was on for another option.

Perfect for those moment of immediacy

Step back into the ring the Ricoh, only this time I went for the GR3 over the GR2. Slightly more pocketable, 24MP sensor and IBIS were the real selling points for me.

It’s fair to say I really have a liking for this two camera set up, the M6 and a roll of film to make me feel whole and the GR3 for the immediacy of the moment, when I want it.

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