First Film Rolls of 2021

It’s been sometime since I’ve shot film and so thought it about time I loaded my Leica M6 with a roll of film and got out to grab some film photos.

I find the whole process of shooting film quite cathartic, from the initial film loading through to being patient waiting for the scans to come back from the lab.

I shot two rolls, one was Fuji Superia 400, shot at box speed as I rarely shoot at box speed and wanted to find a reference point.

The second roll was Kodak Portra 160, shot at ISO100 as I was unaware of its history – I picked it up a while ago from an open box film share at a photo walk. It’s been sat in my fridge since then, so I’m not sure how expired it at have been

Out of the two films, my personal preference was for the Kodak Portra 160, I prefer the colour rendering of it over Superia. Maybe the warm Spring like weather when shooting the Portra made it sing a little more.

What I really enjoy about shooting film is the little editing that’s required once you get your scans back. I apply minimal editing through Lightroom or Photoshop and this gives me the kind of look and style I am looking for.

Here’s a few images from both film stocks that on first look took my eye.

Kodak Portra 160 Images

Fuji Superia 400 Images

I’m definitely going to be shooting a lot more film through 2021, it’s an experience I find so enjoyable and in some ways far more rewarding than shooting digital.


One thought on “First Film Rolls of 2021

  1. Lovely photos. You can definitely see the difference between Portra and Superia here! I feel like Superia needs a lot of sun otherwise it looks a bit “muddy” to me.

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