NiSi Compact Filter System

When I first started eyeing up X100F’s again, one thing I was interested in was the ability to use a filter system with the camera.

With the built in 3 stop ND Filter, the X100 series offers a great starting point, but if you want to try out long exposure photography a filter kit of some kind is required.

I had considered using step rings and screw in filters as I have a couple of different Gobe screw-in Filters, such as a CPL which could be useful to use.

Problem with these, is they are 77mm filter size and the glass is awfully big on the X100F with it’s 49mm filter thread size.

Buying a larger square format system wasn’t really what I was looking for either, being quite bulky when not in use and not very practical for popping in a lightweight bag.

NiSi Compact Filter System

The NiSi compact filter system offers a great compromise between the flexibility of a square system and screw in filters.

It’s a small (very small) system that works very easily. The aluminium made filter holder screws onto a 49mm thread (I use the JJC lens hood and the adaptor for that works perfectly), you get 2 slots for different filters.

Filters for their professional filter kit include a polariser, 3 stop Medium GND, an IR ND8 (3 stop) filter, a natural night (night time photography) filter and a pouch the kit all fits into. Each filter is made from high quality optical glass and features the same treatment as other NiSi filters.

A starter filter kit is also available which features the holder, pouch, polariser and 3 stop GND. Personally for the difference in cost, the pro series kit seems a better option with the 3 stop neutral density filter included.

In use, the filter system works easily. The only gripe I have is the filter holder rotates which means you can rotate the polariser to your desired place, but that precludes using the GND as you’re unable to square it.

What I have been impressed with from the NiSi filters I have is the lack of colour cast, it’s a boast the company makes on all their filters and it’s pretty much spot on.

The quality of the hardware and filters is really very good and it makes a perfect addition to the X100F if you’re into a bit of long/landscape photography.


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