Nisi V5 Square Filter Kit – First look.

Since I’ve started to get out and about more I’ve been looking for a filter system I can pair with the Fujiflm X-H1 & 16-55mm lens.

There’s a few different square filter systems around nowadays in a range of budgets, albeit some of the cheaper options do not feature filters made from glass and the quality of the images may suffer as a result.

What’s in the box?

Having recently bought a small NiSi filter kit specific for the X100f I was keen to stay with the same brand for a larger square filter option.

I’m happy with the quality of the small pocketable filter kit for the X100f and my OCD started to kick in at the prospect of an alternate brand of filters..

CPL & filter holder in situ

By chance I came across a for sale advert on one of the photo forums I visit from time to time for someone selling an excellent condition NiSi V5 filter kit at half the price of a new one.

The filter kit for the V5 maybe not be NiSi’s latest holder but it’s good enough for me to get started.

It consists of a filter holder, complete with a CPL and lens rings covering 3 different sizes. I’ve also added a 10 stop filter along with a 6 stop ND filter and am now in search of a GND to round out the kit.

First impressions

Very favourable. The NiSi filter system offer some advantages over other filter manufacturers.

There is very little if any colour cast to correct in post editing and the CPL works in a clever way, being integrated into its own adaptor which screws on to the lens before the filter holder is attached.

Two small thumb wheels on either side make turning the CPL to its required position super easy once in situ.

All enclosed in a pretty funky leather clad box

Build quality is good, with the holder being made from aluminium and the filters being glass and not resin.

When not in use the holder along with the CPL & lens adaptor rings all fit into a rather nice, albeit chunky protective box.

I’ve been impressed so far with what I’ve seen from the V5 filter kit. More thoughts to follow when I’ve had more chance to put it through it’s paces.

Find out more about NiSi Filter kits and available accessories here.


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