Mad Few Days

Well, it’s been a mad few days hasn’t it – and that goes for the whole world, not just for us here in the UK.

I’m not going to say it doesn’t scare the shit out of me and my loved ones, especially when you take a look at the supermarkets and see the lack of supplies to hand available.

However, it’s not going to stop me – I will be careful with my ‘social distancing’ but it’s given me a great idea to finally get off my backside and start a little project.

Quite closeby, certainly in walking distance we have a wood and so to get out of the house whilst trying to avoid people as best I can, I’m going to dust off my trusty tripod and head over there maybe a couple of days a week to document it.

Now, for sure I am no landscape kind of guy, I really have no real clue when it comes to that sort of photography, but it will force me to learn a bit and think outside the box.

I’m going to shoot it all in black and white which should be interesting, but as I see better in black and white it makes sense. I’m going to stick primarily to a prime lens and I’m goi g to try and shoot it all at different times of the day.

So let’s see how we go with this little challenge

Stay safe out there people and be nice to each other, I’m sure we’ll get through this – we just need to have some patience and compassion with each other.


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