Ricoh GR II Impresses

Having spent almost 2 weeks with the Leica M6 & M10-P what struck me was the weight I was dragging about and in truth not enjoying it that much in spite of the pleasure shooting either camera gives me!

Adding both film and digital options increases the weight of the bag quite a bit and I decided the option to travel a little lighter would be a good thing.

Finding the ‘right’ everyday carry simple camera is no small feat. I’ve had several variations of Fujifilm cameras before and in truth always end up with a range of kit that far exceeds what I really want from a simple, no frills, easy to carry camera.

Enter the Ricoh GR II
A mate of mine offered me the chance to try out his Ricoh GR II as he’s considering moving it on, so I’ve been having a bit of a play with it for the past few days and to be honest it’s a perfect fit for me. It didn’t take me long to realise that this was the camera that could do for me and a deal has been struck!

I previously owned a Ricoh GRD for a short while and whilst I enjoyed the size and simplicity of it, the files from it didn’t over impress me. However, the GR II seems quite a big step up from that and it’s a camera that I’ve instantly bonded with.

It’s a simple to use digital which would work in tandem with the M6 and let me carry both film and digital in a nice, small, neat package. Indeed the GR II is small enough to fit in a pocket of your jeans (or shorts) making it super simple to carry around.

I’ve set it up to shoot RAW & black and white JPG and I’m really pleased by the SOOC black and white JPG’s the little Ricoh produces.

It’s early days in our relationship but I’m excited to explore the possibilities the Ricoh GR II offers for a lightweight kit.


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