The Case for the Fujifilm X-Pro1

Yeah, yeah I know the X-Pro1 is somewhat yesterdays news in terms of price now but looking through the listings of a well known selling site shows just what a bargain the Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera has become. And that shouldn’t put one off from buying one, it still has quite a cult-like following amongst photographers and for some good reasons.

At it’s time of release the Fujifilm X-Pro1 was high end and even 8 years on it’s fast enough for most things and given it’s solid construction will still last for a good while yet.

My own love affair with the X-Pro1 has not been without its issues since I first saw one when they were first released and having owned 4 in total, I think.

There’s no adjustable diopter so you have to make sure you get sorted as it’s a PITA without one for some people. The colour science Fujifilm employs is not always a favourite of mine, but I’ve learnt to appreciate it. The original X-Pro1’s were clunky and slow, but through firmware updates this has been resolved.

Still ‘the’ Fuji camera that does it for me!
I’ve had numerous other Fujifilm camera bodies (including X100’s in all model derivatives, X-T2’s, X-E2’s and the X-Pro2), but I always seem to end up coming back to the X-Pro1.

The rangefinder styling and hybrid OVF/EVF viewfinder still make it for me and even though most of the time I shoot using the EVF having the choice of switching between the two is great.

I prefer the files from the X-Pro1 over almost any other Fuji camera. People say they are more filmic in quality, I’m not sure about that, but for sure there appears to be a more organic feel to X-Pro1 files that doesn’t feel there with later X-trans sensor files.

It’s familiarity is something I really appreciate – it’s a super simple camera to set up and get shooting with and the results are still more than adequate given it’s age.

Lens Choice for the X-Pro1
Since buying my latest X-Pro1 I’ve had it matched up with a 7artisans 35mm f1.2 which in its own right is a pretty OK lens for manual focussing fun.

However with the recent acquisition of Fuji’s 23mm f2 lens, this will become somewhat redundant. The X-Pro1 is a back up camera for me in spite of how much I enjoy shooting with it and so having a 23mm fixed prime is ideal for when I want an auto focus bodied camera.

So if you’re in the market for a great looking, reliable second hand camera that remains relevant you could do a lot worse than take a closer look at the X-Pro1.

A few photos taken using the X-Pro1 and 7artisans 35mm f1.2 –


4 thoughts on “The Case for the Fujifilm X-Pro1

  1. Hi Dave, cool little article, thanks for that. I happen to find it cause I just bought a XPro1, yes it is nearly 2021 crazy huh! Just bought a used xf23/f2 that should arrive these days. Can‘t wait to see how that combo works. Got that lens for 150 in great condition, wasn‘t my furst choice cause I gave the x100t covering that. We‘ll see how I get on, might swap it for the 35mm. Need to decide on the newer f2 or the legendary f1.4. Not sure yet.
    Any advise on that?
    You still use manual lenses on yours? Cause I ordered an adapter for Nik>FX as I have a Nikon FE with the 50/f1.4 I could use on the Xpro1 for portraits.
    Cheers from Switzerland!


    1. Hi Michel, thanks for your comments. I do indeed still use my X-Pro1 most days & have a 35mm f2 which I find works perfectly with the X-Pro1. The 35mm 1.4 is of course a little magical – but the cost is more & it is a little slower than the f2. Enjoy your X-Pro1, sounds like a solid purchase.


  2. Thanks a lot for your wuick response! Yeah I think I might go with the f2 alright. Also it is a bit bulkier and I think it takes away a bit of the view through the OVF if I am not misstaken.
    There is a local guy selling his xpro1 & xf35/1.4 for 400.- (why couldn‘t he post it a few weeks prior 😉 might ask him if he would be willing selling the lens only. If he does for max 200 I might jump on it.
    Was even thinking getting a second body and that lens for the 400. but don‘t think I need a second body, even though the xpro1 us getting cult status and becomes a classic


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