Gloucester Quays on Tri-X

Had a wander round the Gloucester Quays area on Sunday.

Had a wander round the Gloucester Quays area last weekend. A great opportunity for both myself and the Wife as it’s a shopping centre set in the old quay area of Gloucester. She could do some shopping and I could wander around the old buildings, camera in hand.

It was a good chance to try out my recently acquired Leica Summicron 40mm f2 on the M6 and it didn’t disappoint. Loaded with Kodak Tri-X I shot at 400 ISO which was an interesting choice as I rarely shoot at box speed.

I’m pretty pleased with the results from the lens, it makes the Leica M6 a small, discreet package, perfect for throwing over a shoulder and forgetting about.

Here’s a few photos from my home developed and scanned film.


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