Adventures in Film

A photo from my first developed and scanned roll of Tri-X

Adventures in film, so what’s that all about then? Well, as much as I shoot digital I also have a love/hate relationship with film photography.

I’ve shot a number of different film cameras over the years, I’m old enough to have only been able to shoot film at one point!

I’m now in a very fortunate position to have bought a really nice film camera (Leica M6) and a point and shoot camera (Olympus XA2) which is the perfect everyday, so I really feel the time is right to get on a real adventure in film.

So what are the drawbacks for me

Love the making of a photograph with film
Love using a film camera
Love the community that exists with film photography
Love the simplicity of using film
Love the choice of film stocks available

Hate (well, not quite hate)
Slow process of seeing what you’ve shot
Cost of film and development costs

OK, so there’s a few issues around using film but I love the simplicity of it all, so in order to get over the hate bits, I’ve ‘invested’ in a self developing kit along with a scanner, so I can shoot black and white film and develop it myself, I’ll leave colour to the professionals!

So here’s my blog on my adventures in film and a record of my journey.


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